A. All above rates are valid till March 31, 2023.

B. All applicable taxes such as GST will be charged over the total payable amount.

C. Any other area not mentioned above will be charged @ INR 10 per Sq. Ft.

D. Buildup and dismantling event rental will be charged @ INR 5 per Sq. Ft.

E. 20% of the total amount towards security deposit would be applicable.


The booking will be subject to following terms and conditions:

1. Diesel charges would be additional on actual consumption.

2. Allotment is liable to be cancelled without prior notice if any VVIPs visit is notified.

3. In case of damage to any existing infrastructure/ items in the Centre during the course of the event the damage has to be paid by the organizer before vacating venue.

4. An event pass of INR 5,000 each is to be deposited by NEFT one day prior to the event by the authorized empaneled vendor. Non empaneled vendors will not be allowed inside the premises.

5. Cancellation charges will be levied @40% and 100% of the total booking amount (Rentals + Utility & Maintenance & housekeeping) if the cancellation is made with a notice of more than a month and less a month before the functiondownload respectively (excluding the day of function).

6. Application form along with all requisite documents and payment in full must reach to RICCC at least one week before the date of the function.

7. Organizers shall ensure that number of participants does not exceed the seating capacity of auditorium and also their guests/ participant’s maintains the discipline and decency of the building all the time.

8. Any types of eatable are not allowed inside the auditorium of RICCC.

9. Catering and Event Management shall be through empanelled vendors only.

10. Parking shall be charged extra as per premises rates.

11. General duration of event "session" shall be 5 hours only and extension of duration shall be charged extra on pro rate per hour basis.

12. Management will not be responsible for loss of any personal belonging /Mobile /Jewelry.

13. Consumption of Alcoholic beverage, Tobacco, Pan/Gutkha and Smoking is prohibited inside RICCC.

14. All dispute are subject to jurisdiction of Uttar Pradesh.