RICCC is a design-conscious plus high-tech facility with the auditorium and halls that are equipped with high end sound acoustics, Hi-speed internet and a world class audio visual (AV) setup that supports every meeting aspiration with convenience to the delegates.

The centre is amplified with assistance of external as well as internal CCTV surveillance, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems. The Emergency Response System & First Reaction Team consists of fully-trained fire fighters with strategically placed fire exits ensure easy and quick access. The security system structure consisting of the door frame metal detector, hand-held detector, crowd control system, baggage scanner and traffic management system adheres to the international norms of quality and standard.

To further escalate the level of security; the centre also has easy access to the fire brigade, police and paramedics services. Additionally, we work closely with government agencies in order to keep upgrading our system whenever needed. Further details for proper event's security planning, can be obtained from our representative.

Do's and Dont's

• During event days, the guest should enter the Convention Centre Premises with an Identity card.
• The organiser has to issue Identity cards to the participants at their own cost and one sample card must be submitted to this office one day prior to the event   day.
• During event days, no vehicles related to the event will be allowed without car parking passes.
• The organiser has to issue numbered car parking passes at their own cost duly countersigned in advance by the Banquet Manager one day prior to the event   day.

• Carrying of fire arms or any inflammable materials inside the Convention Centre is strictly prohibited.
• No pets are allowed inside the Centre.
• No indiscipline or nuisance inside the Convention Centre will be tolerated. If any person commits indiscipline or nuisance inside the Convention Centre, he/she   will be forced to leave the place.
• No plastic carry bag is allowed inside the Convention Centre premises.
• No banner/poster shall be displayed at places other than those earmarked.
• Consumption of food and beverage inside the Auditorium is strictly prohibited.