In 2015, a state-of-the-art International Convention Centre called Rudraksh was planned to set up in the religious and cultural city Varanasi by the Representatives of both the countries and was developed and functional in May, 2021 to equip India-Japan's year-long friendship with more positive energy. Rudraksh International Convention Centre has been developed into a major centre for cultural and modern gatherings.

Providing a platform to Varanasi's supernatural cultural store, music gharanas and many other forms of arts by establishing a confluence with modernity is also the fundamental of Rudraksh International Convention Centre.

Rudraksh International Convention Centre, built at a cost of INR 186 Cr., is built in the shape of Shivalinga and is a unique Convention Centre in itself, showing the confluence of both Japanese and Indian architecture.

This convention centre has a seating capacity of 1200 people in the main hall. Arrangements have also been made to divide the hall into 2 parts according to the number of people. The convention centre is fully air-conditioned and equipped with modern "Building Management Systems" through which all management can be closely controlled. In addition to the large hall, a meeting hall with a capacity of 150 people can also be conveniently divided into two parts. Apart from this, a VIP room, four green rooms have been constructed here. The entire campus has been made as per the convenience of people with disabilities and all the criteria like ramps, wheelchairs etc. have also been fulfilled. Japanese style garden and landscaping have also been done in the Rudraksh Convention Centre complex. In order to make parking facility accessible, parking of 120 vehicles has also been arranged in the basement. CCTV cameras have also been installed in this convention centre for proper surveillance. Along with line electricity, solar power has also been arranged for power supply. 108 symbolic Rudraksh have been installed on the external facade of the Rudraksh Convention Centre, which are made of aluminium. Spread over three acres, this convention centre is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.